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Bangor Adult & Community Education

Our Classes

50 People Who Made Bangor Great


with Richard Shaw

Calendar Oct 24, 2019 at 6 pm, runs for 1 week

Since being settled in 1769, Bangor has seen more than its share of gifted residents. Best-selling authors have included Christina Baker Kline and Stephen and Tabitha King, while politicians Hannibal Hamlin, William Cohen and John Baldacci have stood in the national spotlight. Waldo Peirce and J. Normand Martin let their art do the talking, while broadcasters Bill Green and George Hale never seem to run out of story ideas. Educators Mary Snow and Lillian Wall broke the 20th century's glass ceiling, while musicians Dick Curless and Woody Woodman kept the Queen City singing. Longtime history seminar presenter Richard Shaw delves into his home town's past and present to showcase 50 personalities, including legendary lumberjack Paul Bunyan, to prove that people make a community as much as buildings and bridges. A related video will be screened in the seminar's second hour.

Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers


with Network Learning Resources

Calendar Sep 3, 2019

Every successful person in the workplace utilizes financial information to aid effective decision making. Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers explains the financial concepts and accounting processes used in most businesses and will provide practical techniques that will increase your effectiveness and career. Get a foundation to understand the seven steps in the accounting cycle and use financial information in decision making. Come away with the knowledge to analyze resource allocation and evaluate financial performance. One month; Sharon deFonteny, instructor

Click here for the course outline.

Acrylic Painting


with Carolyn Wallace-Zani

Calendar Sep 9, 2019 at 5:45 pm, runs for 8 weeks

Explore your creative potential with acrylic painting! This class will teach you how to exploit the versatility and vitality of the acrylic medium with a solid foundation of the basics of acrylic painting. Students will learn about the various properties of acrylic paint, color mixing, painting techniques, applications, various mediums, and choosing brushes. Through weekly demonstrations and step-by-step instruction, students will be painting a variety of subject matter. Following each class, there will be a group, class critique. Out-of-class exercises will be encouraged to give students the opportunity to further explore the medium, practice new skills and grow in artistic expression. No previous experience is necessary.

To enroll in enrichment classes, participants must be at least 18 years old and not enrolled in school.

Supply List:

Items with an * will be used the first class. 


*Cadmium Yellow

*Lemon Yellow

*Cadmium Red

*Alizarin Crimson Red

*Cerulean Blue

*Ultramarine Blue



*Raw Umber

Payne’s Gray

Yellow Ochre

Raw Umber

Raw Sienna

Phthalo Blue

Viridian Green

Sap Green

Burnt Umber

Burnt Sienna

*#8, *#10 Round Bristle (#6) 

*# 10 Flat Bristle (#6, #8)

#6 Filbert

#8 Bristle Fan Brush

#14 Bright

#14 Angle

#14 Synthetic White Sable Flat Brush

2” Hake Brush (for soft blending, optional)

1½”, 2” Flat Decorator


MANY of these brushes can be bought TOGETHER as a “Brush Value Pack” at substantial savings and are also recommended. I also use a generic “Value Pak” of assorted bristle brushes and the “Value Pak” Royal Langnickel RSET 9306 Medium Taklon brush set (less than $10.00). Also, bring what you already own.


*Palette Knives:  (Flat, Bent)

*Mixing palette and storage container (a palette/surface to mix your colors on and a sealed, air-tight container to store and transport your wet paints.

*White, 9” paper, plastic, or foam picnic plates (to be used as mixing palettes)

Support (board to lean on, 11” x 14”) 

Canvas Boards or Stretched Canvas or Masonite Board (pre-primed), (11” x 14”)

*140lb. Cold Press Watercolor Paper (for studies/practice) 11” x 14”

*HB Pencil or Stick of Soft Vine Charcoal

*Blue Painter’s Tape

*Misting Bottle (spray bottle for water to keep paints moist)

*(2) Water Containers(to wash/rinse brushes)

*Paper Towels

*Gloss Medium(to be discussed in class)

Flow Enhancer (to be discussed in class)

*Extender (to be discussed in class)

Gesso (to be discussed in class)

Color Wheel 



Small table easel (optional)

Sponge(regular 4”x6” kitchen/household)

Adobe Illustrator Essentials


with Network Learning Resources

Calendar Sep 3, 2019

Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard computer illustration software. Use Illustrator to draw shapes and design logos, flyers, posters, banners, business cards or any other vector graphics for print or web. In this course, you will learn Adobe Illustrator fundamentals to set up a print document and use various tools to draw, type and color all kinds of shapes and illustrations. Learn how to efficiently manage layers and artboards, and create print-ready PDF documents. Access to Adobe Illustrator software required. One month Course; Andy Helmi, Instructor; $225

Adobe InDesign Essentials


with Network Learning Resources

Calendar Nov 4, 2019

Adobe InDesign is the industry standard page-layout program that works with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop seamlessly. InDesign allows you to create simple to complex multi-page documents such as brochures, flyers, books and magazines. This course is a comprehensive exploration of InDesign tools and capabilities to create professional documents. You will learn how to manage the InDesign environment, create, setup, design, enhance and finalize multi-page documents. Access to Adobe InDesign software required.

One month course; Andy Helmi, instructor; $225

Adobe Photoshop Essentials


with Network Learning Resources

Calendar Oct 7, 2019

This fundamental course covers Adobe Photoshop CC most commonly used tools, menus and panels. You’ll learn all the basics of Photoshop to effectively work with selection and editing tools, layers, and masks to edit, retouch and enhance existing images or create your own composite digital art work. Impress your business organization, friends and family by enhancing their photos and create magazine cover quality enhanced images. Access to Adobe Photoshop software required. One Month; Andy Helmi, instructor; $225

Advanced Data Analysis


with Network Learning Resources

Calendar Nov 4, 2019

After taking this Advanced course in Data Analysis, you will be able to perform inquiries that will be useful to your business or organization, and have the skill necessary to communicate these results through graphs and text that your fellow employees will understand. Take the guesswork out of important company decisions and make decisions based on statistically significant information. Whether your business is home based or a large company, this class will take you to the next level where important decision-making is concerned. One month course, Jeff Kritzer, instructor.

Click here for the course outline.

To enroll in enrichment classes, particpants must be at least 18 years old and not enrolled in school.

Advanced ESOL: Reading and Writing Skills


with Barbara Miller

Calendar Sep 3, 2019 at 8 am

Learn to increase your ability to function independently to meet most survival needs and to use English in routine social and work situations. Handle work demands that require oral and written instructions.  Brush up on correct usage of English grammar and writing, as well as reading authentic materials on familiar subjects using context and word analysis skills. Students should expect to spend time online outside of class as well as preparing homework.

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