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Bangor Adult & Community Education

Personal Enrichment

Country Line Dance (Session 2)


with Sue McKay

Calendar Sep 14, 2023 at 6 pm
No partner required - This fun line dance class will offer a variety of line dance steps and routines--done to all your favorite country songs -- that can go from classroom to dance floor in a flash! Clear instruction, step and combination breakdowns, and plenty of time to practice makes this class perfect for dancers who are brand new to line dancing as well as for those just hoping to learn a few more routines.

Restorative Yoga


with Sue McKay

Calendar Sep 14, 2023 at 7 pm

Restorative yoga, also called gentle yoga, is a style of yoga designed to relax, restore, and rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit. In a restorative yoga class, you will find mellow movements, long-held postures often supported with props such as blankets and blocks, and a general atmosphere of ease and calm. Poses may be held anywhere from two to 20 minutes. The intention of a restorative yoga class is to create the conditions for calm so as to allow students to drop into a state of deep relaxation and stillness. This intentionally calming environment is in stark contrast to the busyness of modern life and can provide a safe place of respite and refuge. This class is suitable for all levels and all (adult) ages of Yoga practitioners. Basic items needed for this class include a Yoga mat, a Yoga strap (a belt or tie will work), a Yoga block or bolster (firm pillow). We also recommend bringing a small blanket (not required) and wearing comfortable, layered clothing. Please bring these with you to each class as they will not be provided by the instructor.

Full Course

Play the Ukulele, Your Journey Begins Here


with Duncan Perry

Calendar Feb 27, 2024 at 6 pm, runs for 4 weeks

***This class is held via Zoom.

Learn to play the ukulele! It has never been more popular and you don't even have to know how to read music! On the uke you can knock out folk music, rock, blues, jazz, pop, country, tunes old and new -- even classical music. Duncan Perry, who has taught more than 700 students of all ages, will introduce you to essential chords and playing techniques using commonly known songs. Oh, and there are lots of laughs along the way. And, learning to play an instrument is good for your brain! You will need a playable ukulele and an electronic tuner or a tuner app. And when folks hear you play this happy instrument, well, they just have to smile! If you don’t own a ukulele, please contact us for information. What are you waiting for? Grab a uke and get ready for a musical adventure, then spread the joy! Biography Duncan is an experienced multi-instrumentalist who has been performing and teaching folks how play the ukulele for the last 14 years. Having served as a volunteer music therapist in medical and hospice settings, he quickly came to understand that music is medicine and that learning to play an instrument not only sharpens the brain but helps reduce stress. It also brings joy to those who play the uke and to their audiences. Duncan has taught in a variety of Maine communities and did not let the COVID-19 epidemic stop him. He simply moved from teaching in person to an online format and now reaches students all over Maine, New Hampshire and beyond.

Beginner Level Yoga


with Wendy McLoon

Calendar Feb 28, 2024 at 6 pm, runs for 6 weeks

Yoga has been shown to have vast health benefits for people of all body types and fitness levels. If you can stretch your muscles,you can do yoga! This six-week series will introduce basic yoga postures (along with modifications) and healthy alignment with some breath work and relaxation/meditation sprinkled in. We will play with linking postures together into a gentle "flow" sequence that will stretch your muscles and relax your mind. As this will be in a virtual format via Zoom, verbal instructions will be replacing any hands-on adjustments. Participants should have a yoga mat or towel and wear clothes that allow for unrestricted movement. Some props that are helpful to have are two yoga blocks, a yoga strap (or scarf, belt or other long piece of fabric), and a folded blanket. A folding chair would be helpful for modifications or balance poses, and wall space nearby can be useful as well. Participants should have the ability to get up and down from the floor fairly easily, and be cleared by a medical professional if there are chronic health issues such as high blood pressure. Wendy McLoon is a certified yoga instructor (RYT500) and a member of Yoga Alliance. She is also a certified Yoga Therapist working with individuals with physical and/or psycho-emotional challenges, and is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Foundations of Investing


with John Byrne

Calendar Feb 28, 2024 at 6 pm, runs for 1 week

Foundations of Investing is an educational program for people who want an overview of investing, including key terms and types of investments. Foundations of Investing covers the basic features of bonds, stocks and packaged investments, and the importance of asset allocation.

Gardening: Understanding Your Growing Areas


with Ivonne Vazquez

Calendar Feb 28, 2024 at 6 pm, runs for 1 week

Are you having trouble growing certain plants, fruit shrubs or trees? Understanding the needs of what you wish to grow and the conditions which exist in your gardens will help you in placing the right plant in the right spot. In this class we will talk about soil, sun, water flow conditions and steps you can take for a more productive gardening season. Open to all skill levels.

Aqua Tai Chi


with Barbara Cookson, LMT, Certified Tai Chi Instructor

Calendar Mar 2, 2024 at 10 am, runs for 6 weeks

Please note the correct time for this class is 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. The printed brochure time is incorrect.

In this fun class, we bring Tai Chi to the pool! Aqua Tai Chi is essentially Tai Chi, a land based art consisting of very slow, controlled sequences of movements, adapted to the water. Our therapy pool features a salt water system, heated to 92 degrees. Movements will be slow, gentle, controlled, and repetitive, focusing on tranquility rather than precision and rigidity. Classes usually last one hour. Perfect for maintaining and improving balance, recovering from injury, and balancing mind and body to relieve stress. Instructor: Barbara Anne Cookson is a Health and Wellness Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist, Motivational Speaker, and Certified Begin With BreathTai Chi Instructor 

Full Course

Gardening: Seed Starting


with Ivonne Vazquez

Calendar Mar 6, 2024 at 6 pm, runs for 1 week

In this class you will participate in a hands-on activity: seed starting! Learn about the different types of seed starting media and the different heat and seed starting timing requirements for our Maine gardens. The instructor will also demonstrate various ways of propagating plants (division, cuttings, etc.). Bring garden gloves for the hands-on lesson. Open to all skill levels.

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