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Bangor Adult & Community Education


Personal Enrichment

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Absolute Beginner Yoga


with Wendy McLoon-Waterman

Apr 6, 2016 at 5:30 pm

Think you’re not flexible enough to try yoga? Flexibility is a result of yoga, not a prerequisite! Come to learn, play and reap all of the health benefits that yoga has to offer. You don’t need to be able to touch your toes - you just have to be willing to try. No yoga experience is necessary or expected. Designed for yoga novices, this seven week class series will introduce basic yoga postures and healthy alignment. Props will be available but you may want to purchase your own. Gradually the postures will be linked together with the breath into a gentle flow sequence that will stretch your muscles and calm your mind. Each session will end with a period of relaxation. Bring a yoga mat (if you have one) and wear loose fitting clothing that allows you to move freely.

Full Course
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An Investor's Tour of Mutual Funds


with John Byrne

Mar 16, 2016 at 6 pm

This educational program provides a detailed look at the features, benefits and risks associated with mutual funds as well as a map to mutual fund selection. Course fee may be paid the night of the course.

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Art of French Pastry


with Cathy Speronis

Mar 30, 2016 at 6 pm

Learn how to master French Pastry.  Puff pastry, choux pastry and shortcut pastry will be covered. Desserts and savories will be made using the pastries we make.

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Beekeeping for Beginners


with Peter Cowin

Mar 2, 2016 at 6:30 pm, runs for 3 weeks

This class is designed to stimulate the interest in and answer the questions of those interested in starting beekeeping as a hobby or to help pollinate their crops. It covers what is needed, where to locate beehives, where to buy them, what it costs and how to care for bees so they make honey and survive the winter.

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Beekeeping, Intermediate


with Peter Cowin

May 2, 2016 at 6:30 pm, runs for 3 weeks

This three week intermediate level beekeeping course is designed to improve the skills of beekeepers with some experience or who want to go into more detail following on from the Beginners class. The course will emphasize practical honey bee colony management skills, splitting hives, swarm catching and more.


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Beginner Gentle Yoga


with Wendy McLoon-Waterman

Apr 6, 2016 at 6:45 pm

For those with a bit of yoga experience, or who have attended the Absolute Beginner Yoga class. This beginner level class will continue to explore yoga postures and expand on different sequences and breath work. More postures will be introduced with options for modifying. Join us and continue to stretch yourself as well as gain flexibility and strength as you learn, relax and have some fun. The overall health benefits of yoga are too long to list, but include a more relaxed mind and body to help in dealing with stress - and it just makes you feel good! Bring a yoga mat, and props (blocks, blanket, belt, bolster) if you have them. Wear loose fitting clothing that allows you to move freely.

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Boston Flower Show


with Cyr Bus

Mar 19, 2016 at 6 am

Enjoy the beautiful gardens and exhibits at the 2016 Boston Flower and Garden Show at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston. The show will feature distinguished garden writers, landscape professionals, master gardeners, local chefs and many vendors along with instructional workshops and how-to demonstrations. The fee includes roundtrip motor coach transportation and admission to the show. The bus will depart from Bangor at the Park & Ride parking lot on the Odlin Road at 6:00 AM and arrive in Boston around 11:00 AM We will depart from Boston promptly at 5:00 PM and arrive in Bangor at approximately 10:00 PM. No refunds after Wednesday, March 9th.

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Charcoal Drawing for the Beginner


with Carolyn Wallace-Zani

Feb 1, 2016 at 6:30 pm

Do you aspire to draw like the masters or have you ever wished you could own an original charcoal drawing? Unleash your talent and create your own masterpiece! Learn how to handle the versatile medium of charcoal like the masters to capture the essence of materials like cloth, glass and wood. Learn about design, values, textures, edges and composition. Learn how to suggest a different mood for each of your still life and landscape drawings in this class. Step-by-step instruction includes a demonstration at the beginning of each class followed by group exercises. Students will work at their own pace to develop their individual drawing style. Following each class, there will be a group class critique. No prior drawing experience is necessary. This course is ideal for beginners while more experienced students will develop more confidence in developing their own style and enhance their skill level.

Requirements / Prerequisites

Course fee does not include materials.


Drawing pad of white paper suitable for charcoal, size 11”x14”

Masonite clipboard or foam board (for a drawing surface)

Clips to hold paper to drawing board

*Drawing pad of Newsprint (any size, use for practice exercises)

Soft white chalk and white pencil (for accents on darker/toned paper)

*2B, 4B, 6B Charcoal Pencils

*Vine Charcoal

*Compressed Charcoal Sticks

*Kneaded eraser (to remove charcoal or soften edges)

Vinyl eraser (to create textures)

Stump (for blending)

ChAMois and/or soft cloth (approximately 5”square piece for blending)

Sharpener for pencils

Straight edge (12” ruler)

Pointer (sandpaper on a block or an emery board/nail file to point/sharpen charcoal), optional

Workable Fixative (spray to protect the drawing)

Pre-Class Homework: is to begin looking closely at charcoal drawings (online, books, and museums) by famous artists as we will be discussing some of the techniques these artists used. 




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