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Bangor Adult & Community Education

Bold and Free Watercolor Figures

with Michael Vermette


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Join Michael E. Vermette for a painting journey that explores the human figure using new skills and techniques in watercolor that depict boldly the figure in the landscape. Michael will demonstrate his method of painting in sheer enjoyment of the figure in the landscape and through portraiture; a place, he describes, where you can let yourself go, have fun, yet still be in control of the medium. From painting lost and found edges, to floating washes wildly to create interesting treatment, watercolor is perfectly approachable especially for the beginner. No previous experience is needed for this class and experienced artists will benefit as well with Michael’s friendly and open style of teaching. You will love how much this inspiring course will teach you about painting the active figure in watercolor.

Supply List

I recommend that you use what you have and add essentials as you can afford. I am more focused on working with you right where you are rather than imposing my personal material preferences on you. That is why the following is only what I would suggest you think about purchasing for the workshop. 

  1. Watercolor Paper, by sheet 22” x 30" – 7-10 sheets or a block no larger than 18"x 24" (they hold 20- sheets or so). I have used Arches, Fabriano and Gemini watercolor brands  for mold made papers and Twinrocker, Indian Village and vintage Whattman for handmade watercolor papers all 140lb to 300 lb press (cold press is prefered, but you can also use hot press or rough).


2. Watercolor paints in tubes or cakes/pans- a warm and cool statement of each primary color plus secondary, grays, blacks, white for a total of no more than 14-18 colors. I use Holbein, Grumbacher, Winsor & Newton, Daniel Smith and Old Holland watercolors because I have been painting for over 45 years and love color. Only Holbin has no ox gall in the paint, just pure gum arabic as the binder. It is more affordable than other brands.

I recommend the following colors:   Cadmium Yellow  Light Cadmium Yellow Deep        Cadmium Orange         Yellow Ochre         Cadmium Red Light,  Alizarin Crimson   Chinese White   Burn Sienna  Viridian Green Hue    Cerulean Blue  Cobalt Blue   Ultramarine Blue Deep   Manganese Blue   Prussian Blue   Permanent Magenta     Ivory Black    Indigo

3. Studio Palette, with mixing areas separate from the wells.

4. Three watercolor brushes, I use the Balmoral Kolinsky brand, but cheeper Langnickel brushes will also do. Choose a small round no. 6, a no. 12  and a Large 1" Flat.

5. Cotton Rags or roll of paper towels.

6. Paint board or light-weight plexi-glass or formica board that is non-absorbent at least 2" larger than your paper.

7. Portfolio, large enough to fit your paper and painting board. (You can make your own out of cardboard)

8. Graphite Pencils, 6B or HB or H depending on preference and how much you want the graphite line to be seen in your work.

9. Paint Box, to hold all of your paint tubes, brushes, and miscellaneous supplies.

10. Miscellaneous Supplies: Sketch book, a  roll of 1" maskin tape, a sponge (natural are the best), 2 collapsable cups for holding water or a cool whip container,  kneaded eraser, ex-acto knife, and extra media to add to watercolor such as ink, liquid watercolor or watercolor pencils and pastels

  • Sep 11 - Nov 13th, 2019
    Wed for 7 weeks from 6:00 - 8:30 pm

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